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First Quarter

Moon First Quarter, phase 47.3%. Distance 380400km, diameter 31'25"

 Date11th May 2008
 Exposure0.1s Red filter. Single frame
 CCD CameraST2000
 Telescope250mm F4.8 Newtonian Reflector with MPCC coma corrector
 MountLosmandy G11 Gemini
 SoftwareCCDStack, Photoshop

The Lunar 100 list contains a selection of the Moon's 100 most interesting regions, craters, basins, mountains, rilles and domes. For more details on the list, see On this page I have included crops of the image above and described the Lunar 100 objects the crops contain.


L38: Sabine & Ritter. Possible twin impacts. Located in this picture's bottom left corner. Look for two equal sized craters, almost overlapping. Ritter is the crater to the upper left, Sabine is to the lower right.

L53: Lamont. This is a wrinkle in the Mare Tranquillitatis. It runs from just to the right of L38 almost half way up the image.


L8: Theophilus, Cyrillus and Catharina. Crater sequence illustrating stages of degradation. Theophilus (top right) is mostly intact. The north east side of Cyrillus is partially covered by Theophilus. Catharina is the most damaged - it has lost it's central peak and contains a large crater. 

L7: Altai Scarp. 275 miles in length. Average altitude is 2000m but the highest peak is over 4300m.