Millisecond Clock

Displays a clock with millisecond resolution. The window can be resized; the clock font scales to fit the window.
This Java program can access the system clock, which will usually have sub millisecond resolution. However, the displayed time will be tens of milliseconds slow because there is screen latency, and due to the screen refresh rate. For example, if the refresh rate is 60 Hz, it will only update once every 16 milliseconds.

To ensure accurate PC time, if we had internet (e.g. via WiFi) at the observing site, we used Meinberg NTP along with its monitoring program NTP Time Server MonitorWith no internet, we used a USB GPS dongle (Ublox-7 GPS module) and NMEATime2 software to train the PC clock. Start training the clock in good time, and don't let the PC sleep.

Requires Java JRE Version 8 or later

Download 'Millisecond' and unzip into a folder of your choice. To run, double click on the executable jar file.
To uninstall, simply delete the executable jar file.
John Murphy,
26 Feb 2019, 13:28