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M84 M86 The Eyes

The Eyes, M86, M84

Negative image

South West part of Markarian's Chain. Virgo Galaxy Cluster.

'The Eyes' are the two galaxies at the top left of the frame (mag 10 & mag 10.8). M86 (mag 8.9) is the elliptical galaxy at the centre. M84 (mag 9.2) is the elliptical galaxy on the right hand edge. The edge on spiral galaxy at the top - centre is NGC 4402 (mag 11.8). The spiral at the bottom - centre is NGC 4388 (mag 11.0). The spiral to the lower left is NGC 4425 (mag 11.9).  The elliptical galaxy at the centre of M86, M84 and  NGC 4388 is NGC 4387 (mag 12.0). The elliptical galaxy at the bottom right corner is IC 3303 (mag 13.7)

 Date29th March 2009
 Exposure14x300s Deep Sky filter
 CCD CameraST10
 Telescope250mm F4.8 Newtonian Reflector with MPCC coma corrector
 MountAP1200 GTO
 SoftwareCCDSoft, IRIS