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M63 Sunflower

M63 Sunflower Galaxy

I like to think of this as 'Hong's Galaxy' because she used to love growing sun flowers as a child.

The luminance data was taken on 11th February 2008 with my old CCD camera and old mount. The colour data was taken on 30th May 2009 with the new CCD camera and the new mount. 

 Date11th February 2008 L, 30th May 2009 HaRB
 Exposure24x300s clear, 12x300s R, 12x360s B, 6x300s Ha
 CCD CameraST2000
 Telescope250mm F4.8 Newtonian Reflector with MPCC coma corrector
 MountLosmandy G11 Gemini
 SoftwareMaximDL, CCDStack, MaximDL