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M16 Eagle

M16 Eagle Nebula

The top image has been processed to display the faint regions that surround the Eagle Nebula. The bottom image has been processed to bring out the detail in the "Pillars of Creation" at the centre of the image. The bottom photo is at 100% scale.

The gas cloud is gradually being eroded by the ultra violet light from the hot massive new born stars within the nebula. The densest clouds, made up of dust and molecular hydrogen survive longer than their surroundings. This erosion has formed the "Pillars of Creation". This is a region of active star birth.

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 Date5th June 2008
 Exposure12x300s Deep Sky
 CCD CameraST2000
 Telescope250mm F4.8 Newtonian Reflector with MPCC coma corrector
 MountLosmandy G11 Gemini
 SoftwareMaximDL, CCDStack