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M106 Galaxy

M106 Galaxy in Canes Venatici

M106 is located near the border of Canes Venatici and Ursa Major (the plough).

From left to right: face-on spiral galaxy M106 (NGC 4258), edge on spiral galaxy NGC 4248, spiral galaxy NGC 4232 (top of image), spiral galaxy NGC 4226 (bottom of image), edge on spiral galaxy NGC 4217

M106: About 23.7 million light years distant, apparent magnitude 9.1. This spiral emits x-rays and unusual emission lines, so it is categorised as a Seyfert II galaxy. This unusual behaviour is due to matter spiralling into a super massive black hole in the center of the galaxy. M106 is the closest example of a Seyfert galaxy. 

NGC 4217: This edge on  spiral galaxy is thought to be a satellite galaxy to M106. Apparent magnitude 11.3

 CCD Camera SBig ST10
 Telescope 250mm F4.8 Newtonian Reflector with MPCC coma corrector
 Mount Astro-Physics AP1200

 Date 15th May 2010
 Exposure 25x300s (2 hours 5minutes). No filters
 Software MaximDL, CCDStack, PixInsight