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TODO targets to add to table:
C43 Galaxy edge on 5.5x2.3 0h, dec=16
C17 Satellite galaxy 13.2 x 7.8 1h, dec 49
C18 Satellite galaxy 11.7 x 10.0 1h, dec 48
C51 Galaxy 16.2x14.5 1h dec=2
c62 21x7 1h dec=-20
c67 9.3x6.3 3h -30
C31 Nebula 37x10 5h, dec 34
C26 Galaxy edge on 16.2 12h, dec 38
C60/61 Antennae Galaxies 12h dec=-19
C29 Galaxy 5.8x2.8 13h, dec 37
c32 Whale Galaxy 15.5x2.7 13h, dec 33
C35 Supergiant elliptical galaxy in Coma cluster 1.49 x 17.8 13h, dec=28
C36 Spiral Galalxy 10.7x4.4 13h dec=28
C38 Needle Galaxy 15.9x1.85 13h dec=26
C52 Galaxy 4.4x2.8 13h dec=-5
C45 Galaxy 6.2x4.5 14h dec=9
C9 Cave Nebula 50'x30' 22h dec 62
C44 Galaxy 4.1x3.1 23h dec=12