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18th September 2015
24mm Panoptic focuses at 3333, using very slim 1.25inch adapter
DMK focuses (clear) at 3203
IR 3188

20th April
Imaging Jupiter, Io in transit + Io shadow + red spot
I estimate that it is 20 steps between IR and blue
Focus moving out as temp drops. started at IR=1005, now at 1020

15th April
Imaging Jupiter 30th sec, 30fps
Focuser not zeroed
IR 1003 1009 1007 1010
Blue 1034 1040 1021
Blue is hard to focus, but it appears the offset from IR to blue is less then I originally thought - maybe 10 to 15 steps.

14th April
Imaging Jupiter 30th sec, 30fps
IR 3304
Blue 3335


Temp 12.6

26th March 2015
Imaging Jupiter 30th sec, 30fps
IR 3327
Blue 3358

4th March 2015
Imaging Jupiter 30th sec, 30fps except for last image at 60th, 60fps
IR 3339
Blue 3361

3rd March 2015
Imaging Jupiter and Moon
Red spot visible.
IR 3339
Blue 3373
Red 3367
Using 30 frames/sec and 30th sec on Jupiter. Took 1 red video to compare with IR. 
Using 30 frames/sec and 60th sec and shorter on Moon
Flats and darks were 8 second x 12

1st March 2015
Imaging Jupiter

IR742 3336 3333 (with 50mm extension tube).
Blue 3351 3357
Make sure video camera and filter wheel are connected last.
Switch on USB hubs from telescope to dome then plug into laptop.

19th February 2013

18th February 2013
Rima Hyginus

Sun 14th October 2012
50mm lens, Astrodon Ha filter, North American & Butterfly Nebula. 
Crescent nebula and propeller nebula are also in the frame. Needs rotating by 180 degrees.

Sat 29th September 2012
DMK First light
Focus position in MaximDL 3385 (Red)
Really not sure how to use Registax 6, but here is my first light of a random area of the moon and  Jupiter.

IR742 3378  3384 3376
Blue   3407

Fri 4th September 2012
Wizard Nebula

This object looks very different in Ha and OIII
Ha 11 x 600s:

OIII 11x 600s:

Wed 25th July 2012
Elephant Trunk in Cephus

Sun 22nd July 2012
Gamma Cygni nebula

Focus for Ha filter:
15.0c    3132 2.53
14.5c    3130 2.97
11.5c    3097 2.24

Tue 7th June 2011

Supernovae SN 2011dh in M51 Whirlpool Galaxy.
12 x 5min images, calibrated with flats & darks, then stacked and stretched. No other post processing.

Sun 10th April
Uploaded processed image of M100 Spiral Galaxy

Fri 8th April
9:00pm Focus run, clear 3336
Pos = 3335, 1/2 Flux Dia. = 3.11

Getting some more luminance images for H44. 5 min clear.
Rough stack of 17 x 5min 

1105 Focus 
Pos = 3337, 1/2 Flux Dia. = 2.89

Focus run 12:10
Pos = 3359, 1/2 Flux Dia. = 2.98

Packing up at 3am

Fri 1st April
Imaging Messier Marathon

Between Bob, Dave and myself, we bagged a total of 90 fuzzies. To see the results:

Mon 28th March

Start 9:05
Set up equipment 9:47pm
Colour images for Hickson 44
Finished flats 1:28am 
Packed up 1:55am

Wed 23rd March

Start time 8:00pm
Finish time 1:30am +2C
Focus 9:30pm @ +5C 3463
Pos Angle +272° 04', FL 1191.7 mm
Camera to 'E' mark to point West (due to telescope East side of mount)
Eskimo Nebula Ha

5min raw Ha frame (cropped, magnified by x2.0)

5min raw OIII frame (cropped, magnified by x2.0)

Mon 7th March 2011

Start time 7:45pm
Start focus 8:38pm Pos = 3461, 1/2 Flux Dia. = 3.56
Pos = 3463, 1/2 Flux Dia. = 3.60

C46 Hubble Variable Nebula
Seeing is currently poor.
First 10min frame (cropped, dark applied)

C48 Spiral Galaxy
Magnified by 2x

Hickson 44
Stack of 35 images

At 12:50, limiting magnitude = 5.0
Pos = 3399, 1/2 Flux Dia. = 2.85

9 frames of C3

Parked mount at 2:58am -5C, 8C inside box
packed up at 3:22am

Sun 6th March 2011
Horse Head processing
Started processing the Horse Head images that I took in early January. The stacked image has been added: IC434 Horse Head I still need to do some post processing - mostly noise reduction and possibly change the DDP/Histogram.


Friday 4th March 2011

Well, since I am copying the format of Dave Shave-Wall's website, I had better include his sites best feature - the journal!

Friday 4th March 2011
Started Setting up at about 8:30pm
Started Imaging at 10:00pm
Finished (packed up) 2:00am

Target: Caldwell C7 (NGC 2403)

Filter: Clear
Exposure: 300sec
Pos Angle +182° 30', FL 1191.6 mm, 2.35"/Pixel
Telescope to East of pier, looking west of meridian
Camera to 'N' Mark (guide chip to south)
Focus position (no filter) Pos = 3408, 1/2 Flux Dia. = 3.65

Start temp -1.25, increased to 0, finished at -2.0
Limiting mag 4.2 (Ursa Minor)

Camera -20C, 40% cooling

Started taking flats - telescope was dewed up - flat max value was 20000 instead of 40000
However, the heat from the light panel got rid of the dew - deleted the poor flats.

Rough stack of 31 x 300s