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C7 Galaxy

Caldwell 7 (NGC 2403)

Spiral galaxy in the constellation Camelopardalis. Caldwell 7 is very close to the border of Ursa Major (The Plough). It is an outlying member of the M81/M82 group despite being 13.5 degrees away in the sky. Caldwell 7 reminds me of M33, a spiral in our local galaxy group.

Never heard of the constellation Camelopardalis? Neither had I. Rather surprisingly, this constellation is the 'Giraffe' and not a camel despite the name! Why have you never seen it? Well, it's brightest star is only magnitude 4.03.

The processing is just the rough stack. Still needs processing in PixInsight.

 Date 4th March 2011
 Exposure 31x300s
 CCD Camera ST10
 Telescope 250mm F4.8 Newtonian Reflector with MPCC coma corrector
 Mount AP1200
 Software MaximDL, CCDStack

Friday 4th March 2011
Started Setting up at about 8:30pm
Started Imaging at 10:00pm
Finished (packed up) 2:00am

Filter: Clear
Exposure: 300sec
Pos Angle +182° 30', FL 1191.6 mm, 1.175"/Pixel
Telescope to East of pier, looking west of meridian
Camera to 'N' Mark (guide chip to south)
Focus position (no filter) Pos = 3408, 1/2 Flux Dia. = 3.65

Start temp -1.25, increased to 0, finished at -2.0
Limiting mag 4.2 (Ursa Minor)

Camera -20C, 40% cooling

Started taking flats - telescope was dewed up - flat max value was 20000 instead of 40000
However, the heat from the light panel got rid of the dew - deleted the poor flats.