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C15 Blinking nebula

Caldwell 15 (NGC 6826) Blinking Nebula

This small planetary nebula has an unusualy bright central star which is surrounded by a faint nebula. Why is it known as the blinking nebula? When observing this planetary through a telescope, when you look at the star, the nebula dissappears. When you look slightly away, the nebula suddenly reappears. This occurs because the eye is more sensitive slightly to one side of the center of vision. The two bright patches to the lower left and upper right of the nebula have caused much debate and are still not well understood.

 CCD Camera SBig 2000xme
 Telescope 250mm F4.8 Newtonian Reflector with MPCC coma corrector
 Mount Losmandy G11

 Date 16th July 2006 (Clear), 17th July 2006 (RGB)
 Exposure28x60s Luminance, 39x15s Red, 39x15s Green, 39x15s Blue
 Software IRIS